2.4GHz Wireless Rechargeable Stereo Headphones with Cradle



2.4GHz Wireless Rechargeable Stereo Headphones with Cradle

Enjoy watching TV or listening to your favourite music without disturbing others in the same room with these wireless stereo headphones. Setup is easy – simply plug the sender unit into an analogue or digital audio output using the supplied RCA, 3.5mm stereo or TOSLINK cables. Audio signals are transmitted over the 2.4GHz band, which means you are free to move about the house without losing signal. The headphones are lightweight, have an adjustable band for a customised fit, and have large padded ear cups to make listening over long periods comfortable. To recharge the headp+ones, simply sit them into the supplied charging cradle or connect to a USB power source using the provided charging cable. The battery provides up to 10 hours of listening time, and conserve power by shutting off after 5 minutes of no signal detection. The headphones can also double as regular corded headphones if you need to travel.

• 3.5mm Stereo Audio
• Optical TOSLINK
• Digital Coaxial

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