Dummy Camera with LED Spotlights



Dummy Camera with LED Spotlights

This dummy camera looks just like a security camera but features a motion activated alarm and bright spotlight to deter intruders. The built-in 120° movement sensor can detect movement up to 6m away, and be set to either spotlight only, alarm only, or both. This is great for safely lighting the way to your front door when you return home at night. The internal 120dB siren is quite loud and sure to draw attention and hopefully send the intruder running. Being battery powered means you can install it in a location where mains power is not available. Other features include a dusk sensor that enables the light and siren to work only at night, and the remote control includes a panic button.


– Movement Sensor
– Bright 80 Lumen Spotlight
– Loud 120dB Siren
– Selectable Light, Alarm Or Both
– Weatherproof
*Batteries not included unit requires 4 x AA