GME is proud to launch the newest addition to our AE4700 series of fiberglass radomeantennas, the AE4707B.

This compact antenna with a medium duty spring is Australian designed and manufactured to meet the tough conditions of the Australian outback.The AE4700 series is an adaptable antenna system with the coaxial termination embedded within the spring assembly with an easy screw down fitment of the whip. This allows for interchangeability of whips depending on the operating conditions and application, shorter lengths with lower gain for hilly terrain and longer lengths with higher gain for travelling on open roads with flat terrain.

These antennas are a popular choice for 4WD enthusiasts hitting tough tracks or rugged touring.The AE4707B features a 2.1 dBigain and uses our medium duty barrel spring. This allows fitment of the AW4702B 6.6 dBi whip providing flexibility and options in gain needed when travelling the varying terrain found throughout the Australian outback.

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