NEXTECH 1W UHF Transceiver



NEXTECH 1W UHF Transceiver

This 80 channel UHF transceiver is no toy. It is compact in size but packed with plenty of features, suitable for all manner of recreational and professional activities such as building sites, IT-cablers, electricians, inter-car road trip communication, etc. Features include VOX hands-free operation, 155 group CTCSS/DCS sub-channels to reduce interference from other users on the same channel, 9 level squelch, scan/monitor, integrated LED torch, and voice encryption (scrambler) for private conversations. The built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery can be charged from any USB power source. A battery save function helps conserve battery power, along with a selectable low power setting (500mW) for local communications (such as around the campsite.). A mains power adaptor is included with dual USB output to charge a second transceiver or other USB gadgets at the same time.

– 155 Group CTCSS/DCS Private Code (Sub-Channel)
– iVOX/VOX Hands-free Operation
– LED Torch
– Rechargeable High Capacity Li-ion battery
– Voice Encryption (Scrambler)
– Battery Save function/Low Power Alert
– High/Low Power Selectable (0.5W Low, 1W High)
– Squelch Level (1-9)

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