Temperature/Humidity Weather Station with 7 Inch Colour Display



Temperature/Humidity Weather Station with 7 Inch Colour Display

This unit features a 7” diagonal (165 x 90mm) colour display with a big digit (which can be easily seen from across a large room) and super bright backlight. A compact remote humidity/temperature sensor is provided which transmits info to the console up to 30m away. This unit can support up to 8 x XC0417 sensors at one time allowing you to monitor many environments such as your kids room, garage or pantry (1 Included). Supplied with mains power supply to power the main unit.

• Expandable! Add up to 8 Sensors
• Up to 30m Sensor Range
• Indoor & Outdoor Temperature (°C or °F)
• Min/Max Records
• Indoor & Outdoor Hygrometer
• Barometric Pressure (hPa, inHg, or mmHg)
• Outdoor heat index & dew point
• Moon Phase
• Comfort Level Indication
• Time/Date Display
• Alarm & Snooze
• High/Low Alarms for Temperature & Humidity
• Snow icon indication when outdoor temperature ≤ 3°C
• Weather Forecast Icons
• Weather trend for in/ out temperature & humidity reading
• 3-mode brightness: HI/LO/Auto-dimmer
• Historical data for past 24 hours
• Wall or Desk Mount Display

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