USB Powered 8W Soldering Iron



USB Powered 8W Soldering Iron

This handy little soldering iron will work anywhere you have USB power, which let’s face it, is basically everywhere these days. Even if it’s from a laptop or power bank, USB power is almost easier to come by than mains power when away from the home or office, or in the workshop or shed. Unlike a conventional mains iron which heats up persistently, this one has a touch-switch to activate, and it rapidly heats to 380-400°C in just 15 seconds, and you’re ready to solder. The heating element is rated at 8W, so it’s useful for fine electronics and small jobs not sinking a lot of heat (such as thick cables, better left for appropriate soldering irons). The heating element is integrated into the soldering tip, so heating and cooling is very rapid. Includes a long life tip, protective cap, and USB power cable.

Note – at 8W, your USB port will need to be rated with at least 2A, which most newer charging ports are equipped to supply. Older USB ports may struggle to power this device.


– Heats up in under 15 seconds
– Cools down in under 30 seconds
– Long-life tip with protective cap
– 2 in 1 heating element and soldering tip
– Automatic shutoff
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